MTN App of the Year

The MTN Business App of the Year Awards define a mindset of innovation

The MTN Business App of the Year Awards define a mindset of innovation. A mindset that has shown no sign of slowing down despite a global pandemic, local lockdowns and extraordinary changes to life and business. These may be unusual times, but the levels of innovation and commitment that have been shown by the MTN staff, MTN subscribers and the MTN Business App of the Year Awards finalists are extraordinary.

COVID-19 has accelerated digitalisation over the past year and will likely continue to have an impact well into the next few years. It has taught us that the future classroom can be at home, that the future office doesn’t have to be constrained by a business park, and that connections and connectivity can keep people together regardless of distance or continent. The pandemic has emphasised the importance of MTN Business’s commitment to digital education and empowering the student of tomorrow. We continue to zero-rate educational sites and we continue to partner with people, like the developers that have shone in the past year’s awards, who help us to push the education mandate forward.

At MTN Business, we believe that the developers, companies, and innovators that have stepped forward with the remarkable entries to the App of the Year Awards are the people who will put the country onto the global stage. While we provide the connectivity and the partnership, it is these innovators who provide the ideas, the apps and the solutions that the country, and the world needs. Together, we can help change our country and communities through passion and innovation.

The application community is redefining how we engage and how we connect. Regardless of generation, apps connect and shape us. MTN Business is proud to be associated with the innovation that’s taking place in this space, innovation that’s changing the way we approach business, investment, education, people, and life. From apps that have delivered food to people living through the lockdown, to transport, education, and investment – these solutions are changing how people engage with one another and their own futures.

The apps that stood out in past Awards deserve this recognition. They solve real problems, filling gaps that desperately need to be closed, and transforming the digital landscape in unexpected ways. The developers are remarkable in their tenacity and commitment. Despite a pandemic, they have stayed the course and continued to follow their dreams. It’s an achievement and we take our proverbial hats off to every one of the developers and entrepreneurs that have stepped up.

MTN Business is proud to be part of these awards. We are committed to transformation and innovation, and this is an opportunity for us to recognise the skills that define our landscape. We know that it is these developers, innovators and entrepreneurs who will change the future of our country and economy. Already, we have seen big names emerge from our Awards, such as Snapscan and Bottles, which underscores the importance of investing in innovation. MTN Business has invested billions to ensure that 96% of South Africans have access to world-class connectivity, because everyone – from the rural area to the township to the suburbs – deserves to be connected. No economy can grow without digital infrastructure, but it also cannot grow without innovators like these.


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