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UMP student develops multipurpose SmartD app

The SmartD app is user-friendly and will enable people to shop in the comfort of their home.

By Itumeleng Mokoena – Mpumalanga News

Penwell Silinda (24), a third year information technology student at the University of Mpumalanga, has developed a pragmatic multipurpose online shopping app, the SmartD, with the intention of reaching deep into rural communities. The SmartD app is user-friendly, is not location-based and has the same-day delivery advantage.

Silinda said it is an all-in-one app created to solve societal problems and make delivery easier at every location.
“The app gives people the freedom to shop for groceries and clothing in the comfort of their home.

“It is unique due to giving rural people the opportunity to shop and have their goods delivered on their doorstep, unlike other shopping apps that are location-based.”

“SmartD is not only suited for groceries, it is a multipurpose app that allows users to watch movies for free, buy fashion items and have access to online school sites.”

Silinda said the app will create job opportunities and empower entrepreneurs through technology.
“My dream is to create a world in which everyone has an equal opportunity to overcome poverty.

‘With the SmartD App, people will get employed. We have our own delivery services – we will hire our own drivers. We will need people who own vehicles and motorbikes to use this app to earn money as delivery staff.’

‘We will also hire tech people to manage our website and marketing development personnel will be given job opportunities,” he said.
The app is available on the Google Play Store.


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