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The company to take care of all your Android and iOS app development needs

Codehesion is a South African mobile app development company, which specialises in building world-class apps for Android and iOS.

Founded in 2017 by software architect and computer engineer Hector Beyers, Codehesion provides businesses with app development solutions and skills that suit their needs.

This lets its clients:

  • Use Codehesion to run an entire app development project.
  • Use Codehesion’s experts for specific app development requirements.

All the expertise you need

Codehesion only employs highly-skilled software engineers, computer scientists, and project managers who specialise in mobile app development.

This allows them to build apps and run app development projects faster and with better results than other companies.

Codehesion’s expertise extends across all categories of app development, and includes:

  • Project Management
  • Front-End Development
  • Back-End Development
  • Testing
  • Deployment and Maintenance

To make it easy for companies to work with Codehesion, it offers a free consultation process.

This consultation will allow Codehesion to provide insights into the scope of work required, the predicted timelines, and expected costs.

After an app is completed, companies then have the option to support the app themselves or use Codehesion on a retainer.

Codehesion will also provide training to companies which choose to maintain the app themselves, to ensure a smooth transition.

Beyers invites companies to contact them for a risk-free consultation


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