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Telegram update adds chat themes, video chat recording and more

Telegram has introduced several new features as part of its latest update, including chat themes and live stream and video chat recording.

The update is now available to download for both Android and iOS users.

What features are in the Telegram update?

Telegram has added eight new themes for individual chats. Each theme features gradient message bubbles, unique patterns, and animated backgrounds.

Each theme comes with a day and night version that will work according to users’ night mode settings.

Users can apply the themes for both them and their contacts so that their chats match. They are only available for individual chats and not group ones.

To set a theme, click on the chat header and select the Options icon. From there, click ‘Change Colors’ and select a theme. Telegram said it will add more themes in the future.

Another new feature is the option to record live streams and video chats to publish them at a later date. Chat admins can start recording video and audio, or only audio, in the video chat options. They can choose a portrait or landscape orientation for the final video file.

Once recording- a red dot will appear next to the title of the video broadcast. Once the video is finished recording, the app will upload it to the admin’s Saved Messages.

In August, an update made it possible for up to 1 000 participants to join and view video calls in Telegram.

Other features Telegram has added include group read receipts and interactive emojis. Available in group chats, users can check which members have seen their messages. Read receipts are available on individual messages and users can check them by clicking on the message options.

Telegram will only store group read receipts for seven days after the message was sent.

Interactive emojis create a fullscreen effect when users click on them and are viewable by chat members at the same time.

If a user and their chat partner have their chat open at the same time, the animated emoji will play for both of them simultaneously.

Source: Memeburn


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