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Samsung can help you track your energy consumption

Samsung has launched SmartThings Energy to help people track energy consumption.

The tech giant is rolling out the service in the US and UK after initially introducing it in Korea.

About the App

SmartThings Energy is compatible with around 40 of the company’s home appliances, including washing machines, fridges and Samsung Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems.

The service lets users see how much energy devices or groups of appliances are using, while you can also set targets and track progress.

It can be found on the Life tab in the SmartThings Android and iOS app, and it’ll also tell you if devices are turned on when you’re out.

To help you paint a better picture of your home’s eco footprint, the update allows you to compare consumption data to your preset targets and monitor monthly usage. The app visualizes this information in the form of color-coded pie and bar charts split across total and select device usage. 

When you exceed your goal or leave an appliance on while you’re out, you’ll get a notification that alerts you of the rise in energy activity. Samsung will also offer energy saving tips that warn you not to overstock your fridge, for example.

The company has been adding new features to SmartThings throughout the year. Following the new TV controls, Samsung introduced “Unknown Tag Search” in April that can identify if any unknown SmartTags are tracking you. It’s also bringing automotive controls for more vehicles to the app in the third quarter.

What’s in it for users?

  • Being aware of the amount of energy they use
  • Saving on data and bills – as the service is free
  • Controlling their appliances from anywhere!
  • Helps reduce carbon footprints

Visit Samsung to find out more.


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