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SA software start-up unveils global commercial photo system

Barry Cooper and James Cussen, the founders of Happy Snappy Lite. Photo: Supplied/Ventureburn

A South African software company that has captured more than 60 million smiles globally since 2009, has launched the world’s first industry specific, cloud-based “in your pocket” commercial photo system.

By Ivor Price – Ventureburn

Recently introduced at the iconic Cutty Sark, in London, Happy Snappy Lite enables attractions to share their souvenir photographs, using powerful cloud-based, disruptive technology, fully wrapped up in their brand, directly to a guest’s smart device, in real time.

The photo souvenir is a tried and tested model used worldwide by major tourist attractions to generate additional revenue. It also helps to create a deeper, stronger emotional bond and connection with the attraction. A shift to digital has since revolutionised the model by eliminating setup costs and improving end-user delivery making it accessible to smaller attractions, festivals and events.

“Attractions are in desperate need of additional revenue streams,” says James Cussen, co-founder of Happy Snappy Lite.

“The revenue from a photo souvenir offering can be substantial, but for years we knew smaller attractions were losing out. Not only is their foot traffic less than our larger partner attractions, who profit from the thousands of photos they take daily, they also don’t have the capex to afford a costly setup. Automating the entire process has allowed us to offer this service to them by removing all the barriers.”

Photo pass with QR code

The technology is built into the mobile app and accessed by an attraction photographer. On arrival, guests are issued a photo pass with a QR code and each time their photo is taken, they can immediately view them by using their own smartphone device and scanning their QR code.

Branded photos remain in their online gallery for up to three months as high resolution printable images, which can also be easily shared on social media.

It’s free for attractions to sign up, create a dashboard and upload company designs, such as logos and branding. Attractions only purchase QR codes when they need them.

Happy Snappy Lite drives a 95% customer engagement rate and provides real time reporting, keeping up to the second on capture performance and how images are being purchased, shared, and downloaded. It can also add in competitions to drive value and capture data, view engagement rates, see online sharing stats, view incoming live photos, use green screen, run online sales and more.

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