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NoPBX enables app-based switchboard creation

The latest version of the South African-developed NoPBX app now enables a 100% smartphone app-based PBX sign-up experience.

By IT-Online

“For the first time, corporates and SMEs alike can create their own cellular-based hosted switchboard using just a smartphone app. No web-based sign-up is necessary, and certainly no on-site PBX technician is needed,” says Anton Potgieter, co-founder and MD of the NoPBX telecoms start-up.

The third and latest version of the NoPBX app – released recently on the Android, Huawei and Apple app stores – now enables the creation of a full working hosted PBX from the app itself.

Previously, potential clients of the pay-as-you-go, no-contracts NoPBX service would be required to sign-up, create and manage their accounts via the NoPBX web portal.

Clients can now create a full multi-user NoPBX switchboard completely from their smartphones, including the ability to add as many additional users as necessary. Making top-up or monthly service payments is likewise a breeze from within the same app.

Potgieter explains: “Many SME business owners, in particular, are not technical wizards; but would still like to manage their communications services in-house for reasons of convenience and particularly cost. Version 3 of our app-based switchboard solution is exactly what these owner-managed businesses are looking for in an easy incoming and outgoing voice-based business communication system – pure convenience right on your own smartphone.”

With the new app-only approach, NoPBX makes it even easier for SMEs to get connected and punch above their weight, with geographical phone numbers, ring groups, and company-wide call transferring.

Potgieter adds that NoPBX also works flawlessly during power outages, as long as the smartphones running it have battery life.

Fortunately, and compared to traditional emergency power solutions for ordinary switchboards – which can include invertors, UPSs, battery banks, generators and the like – it’s far cheaper and comparatively easy to just keep your smartphones charged.

Clients are able to start small by connecting just a handful of users to a NoPBX to test in parallel with their existing phone system, and can then bring the full organisation on board once they are happy with the features and particularly the call quality.


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