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Microsoft rolls out new feature for Office Insiders on iOS

Tech giant Microsoft has reportedly launched a new feature for Office Insiders that will allow iPhone users to listen to documents with their screen locked. According to India TV News, the Insider version of Word on iOS,  now supports listening to documents even when a device’s screen is locked. Additionally, the Insider Office Mobile app now keeps track of PDF email attachments sent to Outlook. The documents will appear within the Shared tab in Office Mobile.

“Using this feature on your iOS device is a great way to step away from the screen and give your eyes a break while listening to documents,” reads the changelog from the Office Insider website. “Now we have added the capability for this feature to continue reading even after your device screen has locked,” it added.

The report mentioned that being able to find all PDFs that were sent as email attachments should be a handy feature for Office users as well. Microsoft positions the Office app on iOS and Android as a hub for all Office activity.

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