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Last minute gift ideas that you can buy online

We’ve all been there. Life’s snowballing list of responsibilities takes over your mind and then you suddenly remember that fast-approaching birthday or that something like Christmas even exists. Now, the clock’s counting and you have no idea what to do.

Thankfully, it’s the age of the internet and online shopping is booming like never before. If you find yourself in this predicament, check out this list for some quick and easy ideas for last-minute gifts.

Travel and lifestyle experiences

There are a variety of sites that let you purchase unique experiences that can be booked at the convenience of the person you gift them to.

This includes everything from bookings for spa services to beer brewing classes and cooking classes.

You can think of a specific experience and find places that offer online experience bookings, or check out sites like and Celestial Gifts.

Digital games

With almost a third of the human population playing games on a regular basis, and the average gamer aged around 34-years old, digital games are a great option to consider.

Since games come in different formats, such as mobile games, PC games, or console games (PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch), you might have to go a bit cloak-and-dagger to figure out which platform they use.

If you know there’s a game they’ve been eyeing for a while, you can purchase it for them. You can also buy in-game items or other DLC for people you know enjoy a specific game a lot.

You can also go with gift cards and vouchers for online stores, depending on the platform they’re on. This includes a general voucher, or maybe a subscription to a service such as Xbox Games Pass if they don’t already have it.

If you’re dealing with a PC gamer, you can’t go wrong with the world’s top digital gaming distribution platform, Steam. For PlayStation or Xbox games, you can visit the respective platforms’ websites to find a range of digital gift cards.

When it comes to mobile gamers, you can either buy a Google Play Store gift card for Android users or an Apple Store gift card for iPhone users.

Audiobooks and ebooks

Who doesn’t love a captivating story? If your gift recipient is a lover of either audio or ebooks, there are a number of online stores with massive libraries to choose from.

For audiobooks, look no further than Audible, the world’s top provider of both classic and original audiobooks. Through Audible, you can either gift a limited subscription or a specific book. The only catch here is that the recipient will need either an Audible or Amazon account to access the audiobook. Fortunately, signing up for either is free!

For ebooks, Amazon has the largest selection but you can also buy from local stores depending on distribution rights.


If there is anything that challenges your knowledge of a friend or family member, it’s trying to buy them a gift. Cue the ever-faithful voucher. Not only does a voucher give the gift recipient the agency to make their own choice, but you can openly boast the monetary value you place on your relationship.

However, when it comes to vouchers, try to get a little creative. Try to stay away from the usual, generic shopping mall or Takealot voucher cards. Show that loved one that you put a little thought into it.

Maybe there’s a trendy bookstore you visited once? Or a cool vintage clothing store? The possibilities are endless. Almost every store and brand you can think of usually has some form of an online voucher. Even if the gift doesn’t change their lives, it will surely make them feel all warm and fuzzy inside that you put in a little extra effort.

Source: Memeburn


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