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Hamsa app unlocks female financial freedom

Although their financial power increases year over year, 70% of women still choose to keep their savings in cash in a male-dominated investing world.


Hamsa is a new fintech startup committed to closing the investment gap by offering a simple, recurring investment product with flawless regular payments optimised for woman’s perceptions and lifestyles!

“Working in senior banking positions for over 24 years has given me a deep understanding of the financial challenges women face and the clear gaps in products being offered to them,” says the founder of Hamsa, Oksana Sivokobilska. “Most do not invest as high commissions, unclear products, and hidden costs create uncertainty, allowing inflation to eat away at their cash savings.

“Women have been underserved by the financial industry long enough and deserve to have a tool that allows them to unlock their financial potential,” Sivokobilska says. “It’s a proven fact that when women do invest, they do it more responsibly and long-term and they need a solution fit for female psychology and behaviour.

“This is why at Hamsa, we are building the first subscription-based investment tool designed with women in mind,” Sivokobilska adds. “We offer one investment product and empower you to build investing habits over time through regular payments and a supportive community anyone can join. In fact, the first 10 000 individuals to sign up for our waiting list will receive a welcome gift from the founding team.”

Hamsa will make investing simple for women with a single product – shares of the Top 500 global companies (ETF) – and a subscription model of recurring investments. With the added support of a female community, this easy-to-use tool will encourage women to develop a new habit of investing consistently for their long-term financial stability. Without the need for significant starting capital or advanced financial knowledge, Hamsa lowers the barrier to entry into the investment world for millions of women.

With a business plan and core team in place as well as technology landscape elements provided by best-in-class BaaS (banking as a service) partners, Hamsa is now building a community of investment-curious women.


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