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Problem Statements:

The problem statements below cover a range of societal challenges and opportunities, aligning with various domains where innovative app solutions can make a significant impact. Participants in the hackathon can choose the problem statement that resonates with them and develop creative, impactful app solutions.

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Developing an Energy Efficiency Awareness App for South African School Children
Developing a Comprehensive Bursary Information and Application App for EWSETA, SETA’s and Employers across South Africa’s economic sectors
Developing a Youth-Centric App to Promote Artisan Trades in the Energy and Water Sector Problem Statement
Developing a Water Conservation App to Mobilize South African Water Warriors for Environmental Preservation Problem Statement
Remote document certification
Pathways into the economy and providing young people with avenues to earn a living
GPS locator of kasi businesses (economic activity)
Event registration and management
Geyser management
Queuing systems
Location of critical services (specialist hospitals, medical practitioners and medical appointments)