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FNB Launches Nav» Earth Carbon Calculator on its App

n new app launched by FNB’s, nav» Earth, uses spending habits to estimate carbon emissions spend and allows users to offset unavoidable emissions. 

Eva Sgroi – IT News Africa

Helping Users Reduce Carbon Emissions

In an era where climate change is firmly on the global agenda, the App helps millions of its customers to improve sustainable living by understanding the impact of their carbon emissions on the environment and ways to reduce it.

A Peer Comparison Model

The innovative tool uses FNB’s data and analytics expertise, accompanied by international best-practice carbon factor methodologies, to estimate a monthly carbon emissions score based on your transactional spending data.

The tool provides a ‘peer comparison model’ to assist customers in benchmarking their carbon footprint against others. In addition, nav» Earth offers access to education through a ‘Carbon Coach’ on climate change impacts and actions one can take that makes it relatable to clients and provides ways to seamlessly donate to carbon offsetting causes using cash or eBucks to improve their carbon emissions score.

Power to Monitor Carbon Footprint

Sizwe Nxedlana, CEO of FNB’s Private Segment says, “By providing customers with the ability to monitor their carbon footprint and offering practical guidance on how to reduce it, we’re effectively empowering the average citizen to contribute to the global agenda to resist climate change.

“The introduction of nav» Earth provides customers with actionable insights based on their activities and recommends easy ways to mitigate the adverse impact on the environment. Being able to do all this on the FNB App, which generates in excess of 1.2 billion logins annually, makes this much more accessible.”


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