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Digital community to supercharge local start-ups, scale-ups

Innovation City Cape Town, a co-creative space for innovation, is set to officially launch in the first quarter of 2022, say organisers.

Co-founded by Stephan Ekbergh, founder of the TravelStart Group, and Kieno Kammies, founder of Disruption Monitor, Innovation City Cape Town has partnered with Epicenter, a community of digital scale-ups, corporates and entrepreneurs in Stockholm, Sweden.

A statement describes Innovation City Cape Town as a by invitation only digital community dedicated to helping start-ups, scale-ups and large corporations accelerate their growth through innovation and co-creation.

Located in the Longkloof precinct in Cape Town’s CBD, it will cover around 3 500 square metres, and will have various tiered offerings for businesses based on size and intent, according to the statement.

With Innovation City’s partner Epicenter and its more than 500 member companies, the community aims to fast-track Cape Town’s digital ambitions and build an ecosystem of thought-leaders and leading-edge ideas, it adds.

It aims to create a space to supercharge the African continent, cross-pollinating ideas with talent and capital.

Ekbergh and Kammies say: “We believe that many of South Africa’s post-pandemic challenges will be solved by network-driven co-creation and breaking down silos. We want to work towards making Cape Town a more innovative destination with increased digitalisation.”

“Epicenter is very excited to have entered a close partnership with Innovation City,” adds Patrick Mesterton, CEO and co-founder of Epicenter. “It will be of great benefit for our respective member companies that are looking to grow, innovate and expand internationally.”

Innovation City Cape Town will be talking to potential partners to develop the innovation ecosystem, and have arranged a movers and shakers event, taking place on 26 November.

Source: ITWeb


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