MTN App of the Year

Develop me this: what toolkits are gaining ground in 2021?

The MTN App of the Year Awards allow for developers and entrepreneurs from all walks of life to submit their inventive applications for judging on merit and capability. In the past, these apps required extensive coding expertise and a high level of technology understanding, but this landscape is starting to change.

The introduction of low-code and no-code solutions has transformed access to app development, and given individuals across all levels of expertise the tools they need to explore their ideas and grant them entry to the app market. At the same time, established solutions have evolved their offerings and capabilities, making them far more attractive to developers that want to create stable, beautiful and secure platforms

First place – Flutter

One of the most popular development tools is Flutter with around 35% of developers opting into this platform. Described as easy to use and easy to develop an application on, Flutter has an accessible and well-designed user interface with superb capabilities.

Developers also felt that it was very reliable and emphasised the value of its cross-platform compatibility as it allowed them to expand their reach across the leading app platforms.


Second place: Android & Xcode

Coming in at a solid second place as the most popular development tools with around 30% of developers using Android Studio and Xcode – both offering developers relevant and accessible platforms for their applications that are easy to use and come with robust support.

Developers who created games focused apps universally used Unity for their game engine while React Native, Audacity, Drupel and Mongo took up the remaining percentage places.


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