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Department of Health launches complaints app: What to know about it

The National Department of Health has announced the launch of an app that lets residents in South Africa lodge and follow up on complaints about public health facilities.

The department shared links to the app on its social media pages over the weekend. Called DoH Facility Complaints, the app is aimed at helping people log and track complaints.

“Together we can improve South Africa’s Healthcare System,” the department said.

“We are proud to announce the launch of our #ComplaintsApp. If your complaint to a public health facility has gone unanswered, please contact us via the app.”

The app is available on both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

In the app description, it notes that if you have lodged a complaint and not heard back, you can use the app to log another complaint and track its status.

How does the Department of Health complaints app work?

You can choose to log a complaint anonymously or create a user profile. The app notes that the benefits of an account include streamlined feedback logging and tracking on complaints.

As described in the app’s privacy policy: “The purpose of the app is to allow users to log complaints about public health facilities to the ideal Health Facility information system, while providing strong protection for each user’s right to privacy…”

The app also notes that there are two main phases within the process of logging a complaint.

Users log a complaint against a specific facility — this information goes to the “Ideal Health Facility information system”.

The complaint is then processed by designated staff who have access to the system. Users who have a profile on the app can then the progress of the complaint.

The complaint should be acknowledged within five working days, while it should be investigated with redress in 25 working days.

However, if you submit a complaint anonymously, you will not have access to updates or feedback.

If you lodge a complaint anonymously, you do not have to enter your patient file number or ID number.

All complaints allow you to search for a specific facility and enter it into the complaint field.

You can then enter the date of the incident, category of complaint, and summary of the complaint. Complaint categories include the availability of medicines, cleanliness, access to information, physical access, patient care, and more.

The app notes that you should include the names of the staff involved and the specific ward or area. You can then review the details and submit your complaint.

Source: Memeburn


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