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Deezer launches new automotive app

Music streaming platform Deezer has launched a new automotive app, now accessible in cars equipped with Google built-in and those featuring the automotive app store Faurecia Aptoide.

By Gabriel Myers Hansen for Music in Africa

Deezer, which boasts a catalogue of more than 120 million songs, says the decision was driven by the increasing demand for dedicated car apps that replicate the smartphone experience, and aligns with the company’s ambition to foster innovation and establish successful partnerships across various industries.

“Music has the power to enhance any situation, and listening to your top songs in the car is essential to people all over the world. It’s our pleasure to introduce our new automotive app, giving drivers seamless access to their favourite music on Deezer,” the company’s VP for product and engineering, Nicolas Pinoteau, said. “With this launch, we’re excited to get on the road with some of the world’s finest car manufacturers.”

“We are thrilled that our customers can enjoy the popular music streaming application Deezer now,” Renault Group digital partnership head Jean-François Labal added. “This new experience is completing a catalogue of compelling applications available via the new multimedia interface openR link embedded in Renault Megane E-Tech electric, Austral and the new Espace.”

Packed with cutting-edge features including an intuitive design and voice control to quickly tune into the right playlist, the app will help drivers and passengers set the soundtrack to everyday drives and long road trips. Premium users can now enjoy their own playlists or a never-ending personalised AI-generated flow of recommendations directly through the car and without using their phones.

Deezer’s automotive app is compatible with cars with Google built-in, which offers a user-friendly platform for in-car infotainment, including navigation, communication, and more. It is available in vehicles such as the latest Renault models and BMW cars thanks to the leading automotive app store Faurecia Aptoide.


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