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Bamba Learn: Nurturing young minds through a digital safari of education

In a revolutionary stride towards accessible and quality early childhood education, Afrika Tikkun Bambanani introduces “Bamba Learn” an innovative ECD learning app designed to cater to children aged two to six.


This digital wonderland takes young learners on an interactive safari through the weeks of the year, presenting a curriculum transformed into an engaging game that nurtures fundamental skills while fostering a love for learning.

At the heart of Bamba Learn lies the belief that education should be an inclusive and enriching experience for every child, regardless of their background, circumstances or learning abilities. The app has been meticulously crafted by ECD specialists to encompass a comprehensive range of learning outcomes, from numeracy and literacy to problem-solving, puzzles, tracing, sequencing, and more. The app’s content has been granted certification by Education Alliance Finland, a global authority in Early Childhood Development (ECD), underlining its pedagogical excellence.

The EdTech Impact certification further solidifies Bamba Learn’s credibility as an educational tool that can make a real difference in children’s lives.

Under the visionary leadership of Theresa Michael, CEO of Afrika Tikkun Bambanani, the app is on a mission to bridge educational disparities in South Africa by scaling its reach to underprivileged areas. Michael envisions a future where all children have equitable access to quality education, setting them up for success from the very beginning.

Tessa Forman shares this vision, aiming to make Bamba Learn an educational beacon that benefits children from all walks of life. With its captivating learning experience, the app promises to instil a strong foundation that prepares young learners for the challenges of Grade 1 and beyond.

An integral aspect of Bamba Learn is its commitment to individualised learning. Recognising that children have unique learning paces and styles, the app allows them to progress at their own rhythm, ensuring a personalised journey through the curriculum.

The app’s developers have taken great care to strike a balance between technology exposure and learning, advocating for only 30 minutes of usage three times a week to provide children with the necessary content stimulation.

One of the game-changing aspects of Bamba Learn is its data-free accessibility link, which empowers learners from all areas of South Africa to access the app’s enriching content without the burden of data limitations. This move underscores Afrika Tikkun Bambanani’s unwavering commitment to inclusivity and equity in education.

The initiative also offers an opportunity for Corporate Social Investment (CSI) departments to contribute to a transformative cause. Afrika Tikkun Bambanani envisions enlisting the support of these departments to aid in scaling Bamba Learn’s impact, targeting a goal of reaching 100 000 children in South Africa by 2024. By participating in this endeavour, organisations can be the driving force behind a child’s education journey, ultimately shaping the future of the nation.

Bamba Learn stands as a shining example of educational inclusivity, catering to children of all learning abilities. This dynamic platform accommodates a diverse range of learners, allowing those with advanced skills to forge ahead while providing extra support for those who require reinforcement. Regardless of their pace, all children engage with the same core concepts each week, ensuring that every child benefits from a well-rounded education.

This adaptability also positions Bamba Learn as a valuable asset for schools across South Africa seeking innovative and effective tools to enhance their educational offerings for children aged two to six years old. As the app breaks down barriers to learning, it opens doors for educational excellence, making it an indispensable resource for educators and learners alike.


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