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Allmed Healthcare Professionals Unveils Innovative New Pay Slip App

Allmed Healthcare Professionals, a prominent healthcare agency, has introduced its innovative Pay Slip App, aimed at enhancing convenience and efficiency for its valued staff. Available on both Android and iPhone devices, the app revolutionises the pay slip distribution process, eliminating the need for physical office visits.

By Mamsi Nkosi – IT News Africa

The development of the Pay Slip App commenced in January 2022 to address challenges faced by staff when collecting their pay slips. Zukisani Sirwaxa, Operations Manager at Allmed, explained, “Our staff was spending time and money visiting our offices, leading to inefficiencies and unnecessary expenses. We aimed to cut costs, enhance accessibility, and streamline the entire process.”

The user-friendly app empowers staff to access their complete pay slip history since joining Allmed, facilitating financial planning and loan applications. It allows easy review of pay details, encompassing overtime, leave, and earnings for specific shifts. This real-time accessibility empowers proactive financial management.

Karishma Dayaram, Business Unit Manager at Allmed, highlighted the broader advantages of the app, stating, “The Pay Slip App not only reduces printing and delivery costs but also liberates valuable staff time previously spent on manual procedures. It improves transparency and empowers our staff with instant access to vital pay information.”

Allmed’s Managing Director, Donald McMillan, expressed enthusiasm for the app’s distinct features, noting, “As one of the pioneers in introducing such a dedicated Pay Slip App, we’ve been at the forefront of technology adoption in the industry. We’re continually exploring ways to enhance the app’s functionality to match the evolving needs of our staff.”

Developed in collaboration with a third-party developer, the Pay Slip App underwent thorough testing to ensure efficiency and reliability. Since its launch, the app has garnered thousands of downloads, with Allmed actively addressing any technical issues to ensure a seamless user experience.

Looking ahead, Allmed envisions expanding the app’s capabilities to facilitate enhanced communication with its staff. Zukisani Sirwaxa stated, “We’re considering the possibility of utilizing the platform to directly share important updates, memos, and notices with our staff. This will further streamline communication and foster a dynamic, interconnected community.”

As a forward-thinking entity, Allmed acknowledges the importance of environmental responsibility. Donald McMillan remarked, “We’re also proud to align with the green initiative. By embracing digital solutions like the Pay Slip App, we’re reducing paper consumption and contributing to a sustainable future.”


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